Thursday, 26 February 2009

How to: Speed up your gallery/ringtone selection

Do you ever get annoyed when you're picking ringtones for your profiles and you have to search through possibly thousands of your favourite songs just to find that 30-second snippet that you downloaded? Or maybe you just don't want the pictures used by applications like Garmin showing up in (and slowing down) your gallery? If you answered yes to either of the questions above, then I can help you.

Download THIS unsigned sis file, install it and then restart your phone. You'll need a hacked phone to install it.

Installing the above file will mean that your music player will only search through the E:\Sounds folder when you refresh your music library and that when selecting ringtones, the phone will only look through the E:\Sounds\Simple and E:\Video folders. It also means that the Galllery will only search through E:\Images for pictures and E:\Videos for videos.

This hack provides HUGE improvements in the gallery and in adding new tracks. From my own experience, gallery loading times have been reduced by around 65% and music refreshing time is notably improved.

For the curious people out there, the .sis moves one file to C:\resource and one file to C:\Private\10202be9. Thanks go to rol@N95d for originally bringing this hack to my attention.

Things to note:
-This doesn't work on FP2/S60V5 devices. It seems there's work being done to fix this.
-Though I've been using this for about a week with no ill-effect, I am not liable for any (highly unlikely) damage to your phone.



  1. Anonymous

    Can I uninstall it if necessary?

  2. Anonymous

    Yup, just go into the Application Manager and you can uninstall it from there.

  3. Anonymous

    The USB transfer mode will work if the ringtones are on the mass storage? Also, there is a way to tell this hack to look for ringtones on the C: drive?

  4. Anonymous


    Yes, I can confirm that mass storage mode still works when the ringtones are on the mass storage. Yes, there is a way to change the directory that the phone searches, if you contact me via the 'contact me' form, I'll be able to explain further.

  5. Anonymous

    Still waiting for a way to change the search path...

  6. pancho

    I downloaded, and installed this sis file, restarted my phone, and pressed the Gallery button on my N82, then all my images are gone!!!!!! How do I get it back?!?!

  7. Anonymous

    It said unable to install component built in. when i tried installing the gallery mod. :(

  8. Anonymous

    THANKS Mr. X for all the posts.
    I am not able to install this galleryringtone on my N86, error - This component is built in
    what to do now...

  9. Anonymous

    it worked on my N82...hurray!

  10. Anonymous

    can I have that file moved to C:\Private\10202be9 ?
    I have hacked the phone but the application is not able to installed even I sign it again.

    My email is

  11. Anonymous

    I hacked my phone with Helloox2, but it still displays to me the annoying message "Certificate error". What should I do? This error also appears on some other applications I want to install.

  12. Anonymous

    works perfect! thanks a lot!!!

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