Friday, 6 February 2009

The Samsung i8910 - It feels like 2006 again

Do you remember the first of May 2006? That's the day that what we know today as the Nokia N95 was leaked as the Nokia N83. Yesterday saw the first actual images of the device but today, the 6th of February 2009, we have a new king. I can't describe just how excited I am right now. Read on for more details on this God-like phone from Samsung.

My friend Phat^Trance has scored some exclusive, high quality images of the Samsung 'Acme' (sounds too much like acne to me). These pictures confirm the following:

-HDMI output(!)
-HD Video recording (!)
-HUGE touchscreen
-Divx support
-S60 5th edition
-8MP camera

It's also rumoured that the i8910 will feature a WVGA screen but that's not confirmed yet.

If the i8510 ate the N96 for breakfast, the i8910 drinks the N97 like it's water. If history is anything to go by, it's very likely that the i8910 will be available in the shops before the N97.

This is almost certainly my next phone. I can literally feel my N95 8GB shaking right now, or is that just me shaking from the excitement?

Expect an official announcement from Samsung either on Monday or in the coming weeks, at MWC.


  1. Anonymous

    if it would have xenon flash like my n82 it would be perfect...

  2. Anonymous

    Agreed, Xenon flash would make this beast simply untouchable.

    Maybe Samsung just couldn't find the space to fit a Xenon flash, this thing must be absolutely stuffed with chips.

  3. Anonymous

    It looks just like another clone of 5800 XpressMusic. Nokia N97 has QWERTY keyboard. This device doesn't. So, I don't see this device as a Nokia N97 competitor.

  4. Anonymous

    Yagiza, I certainly can't agree with you that this is a 5800 clone, just look at it! It looks 100 times better than the 5800 and packs 1000 times more features into a thinner package.

    Though the i8910 and N97 aren't aimed at the same people, they're both high end S60 touch devices; comparisons are inevitable.

  5. Aaron

    Wtf? A monster phone!

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