Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Samsung i8910 HD comes to the UK via Orange

On my way to school this morning I saw an advert for the i8910 HD in the Metro. Rumours had previously claimed that the i8910 would be available on contract starting from the 15th, so it's nice to see that this awesome device is out a bit earlier than expected. Unfortunately, Orange have decided that they don't want the i8910 to succeed and have done everything they could possibly think of to ensure that their version of the Omnia HD will be entirely unenticing to 'average' consumers.

Look at the above image of the advert that I've uploaded. Does anything jump out to you there?


Orange have paid for a full-page advert in a widely-read free newspaper and they omit the main selling point of the device. Where's the mention of HD video recording?

Now look closer at the Omnia HD, especially its screen. Do you see that? Here, I'll zoom in for you:

So, not only have Orange decided to forget about HD recording, they've also decided to rape the i8910 HD's software. What sorts of surprises should we expect from this version of the i8910's software? Maybe the reason for them not including HD recording in the advert is that they've disabled it in the software? Seriously, why can't networks just leave the software alone?

And then...
Below the main body of the advert is the small print. I was expecting to find the usual: free on a 18-month contract, terms and conditions, etc. Instead I find that the phone still costs £78; on a 24-month (yes, TWO YEARS) contract and at £40 a month for 1200 minutes and 'unlimited' texts. You read that correctly. Orange have the audacity to still charge money for a phone that is on a 24-month contract with a tariff that's simply not worth the money. £1038 over two years you'll be paying if you're suckered into this 'deal'.

My advice? Don't bother with Orange. Their exclusivity won't last long and the sim-free version of the i8910 will be out in less than two weeks. Save yourself the torture of using a phone with branded software and don't sell your soul to a network that has the chutzpah to make you pay for a phone on a two year agreement in the UK. Let me remind you that just a few years ago a class-leading phone like the i8910 HD would have probably been available for free on a 12-month contract.


  1. Anonymous

    Problem is, will I get the phone for free without a sim? No I won't.

  2. Anonymous

    probably not but you should be able to get the phone free on an 18 month paln with similar allowances on a different network and if purchased from somewhere like phones for you or carphone warehouse it will still come without any operater branding and with all features still in tact

  3. jonnybruha

    I agree, though in the US, I have to take what I can get. I'll be paying around $700 for it no matter what I do.

  4. jonnybruha

    Oh, and regardless of price, I would expect nothing less than a working installserver.exe file for the i8910 from Mr. X in no more than a week after he gets his hands on one. ;)

  5. Anonymous
    try this i think you,ll find you get the phone free from £30

  6. G.R.G.

    @JonnyBruha, rest assured, I'll be making sure that I cover all i8910 hacking stories here on FinestFones. But it's not me that develops the hacks, I just scout the internet and try to make guides that enable more people to get the most out of their phones.

    @Anonymous#3, Nice find. Good to see that the phone retailers are offering better deals than the networks.

    Thanks for the comments.

  7. Michael

    Hey all, I've just ordered one from Phones 4 U on the Dolphin £35 18 month plan - literally haven't been this excited to get a phone since the N95!

    Am I to understand that as I have got it from Phones 4 U instead of Orange directly, that it will be an unbranded/standard model without any Orange tinkering, as one of the posts suggests?

    I sure hope so!

  8. G.R.G.

    Hi there Michael,

    I'm not too sure. The last time I bought a locked phone from a third-party retailer was my 6680 from the Carphone Warehouse; that was still a locked and branded device. I'd think that the same would apply in your case but PLEASE do report back when you get your i8910.


  9. Anonymous

    Bought i8910 through Orange today for free on a 18 month contract with 1200 minutes unlimited text and Internet £35 a month. Great deal, and will be taking the Orange crap off as soon as I can.

  10. Michael

    Hi, got the phone a couple of days ago - sadly it is all Orange-d up but it does have HD video recording and lots of other cool stuff still on it. DivX playback is amazing on the AMOLED screen and the capacitive touch + Symbian OS makes for a really good user experience.

    Will you be posting up software to change it into the standard unbranded setup once it becomes available? All this Orange World shite is the only annoying aspect...

  11. Anonymous

    there's better deals around anyway you should no sometimes buying directly from the network provider is more expensive try they are legit as they are part of carphone warehouse also there carphone themselves and phones4u so there's always other offers.

  12. Anonymous

    I just got mine from eBay... brand new unopened. Cost £350 & well worth it. Found software for free on Bit torrent to un-brand the phone & it worked a charm. Even found another website that provided an unlock code for £18. Total cost £368... love the mobile & look forward to using it for at least 2 years straight (if not more). I'm also on a £20 Tmobile rolling month contrace. Gives me 600 mins anytime, unlimited texts & unlimited internet :)

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