Sunday, 9 August 2009

HelloOx2 opens more doors than Ovi

With the release of new S60 phones like the N97 and N86, Nokia made sure to close the holes used to make HelloOx possible. Unfortunately for Nokia, it was only a matter of time until Symbian's hacking community created a newer solution - HelloOx2.

You can download HelloOx2 from HERE

Simply sign the file with a Developer Certificate, install and enjoy.

It should work with all S60 phones.


  1. Anonymous

    links not working!

  2. G.R.G.

    Thanks for telling me, I've now updated the links!

  3. Anonymous doesn't work!!!

  4. G.R.G.

    Thanks, fixed it (again).

  5. Anonymous

    Hi, sorry to bother you but the link does not work!

  6. Anonymous

    Dosent Work Dude..

  7. Anonymous

    check here:

  8. Anonymous

    really need this link.. can anyone update? how do i get it without a developer certificate?

  9. Anonymous

  10. Anonymous

    this doesn't work man. please fix it.

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