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How to: Customise the Samsung i8910's 3D navigation applications

One of Samsung's many UI additions to S60 V5 is their so-called 3D navigation. This allows the user to simply swipe left or right to change from the TouchWiz homescreen to the Photo contacts application or the menu respectively. I personally think it's a great feature but I feel it's silly not to allow the user to pick which applications the 3D Navigation changes between. With this in mind, I sat down, cleared my head and started searching for a solution.

What you'll need:
-A hacked Samsung i8910 (refer to THIS post.)
-THIS text file. Make sure you DOWNLOAD it (right click, save target/link as)!
-ActiveFile (Download HERE - install on phone.)
-AppUidList widget (Download HERE - install on phone.)

Step 1:
Open the text file you've downloaded using a text editor such as Notepad. Replace the current application UIDs with the ones you want.

You can use AppUidList to identify the UIDs of all applications on your i8910.

Once you've edited the UIDs with the applications of your choice, save the file (DO NOT select 'save as', just 'save') and transfer it to your i8910.
Note: The text file I've uploaded has Shazam ID as the left application, as shown in the screenshot at the top of this post.

Step 2:
Grab your i8910 and open ActiveFile. Navigate to where you've saved the 20020607.txt file and copy it. Now navigate to C:\Private\10202be9 and paste the file in here. While still in the 10202be9 folder, open the 'persists' folder and delete 20020607.cre.

Step 3:
Restart your phone and enjoy :) If you have any issues, leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

Things to note:
The 3D navigation will keep the selected applications open in the background constantly. RAM consumption won't be an issue considering the i8910's massive amount of free RAM, but in the interest of maintaining the phone's excellent battery life, I'd suggest not to choose applications that remain connected to the internet.


  1. Jesus

    This is just absolutely amazing. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. Anonymous

    can you explain a little more about what the cre files are and how the phone knows to look at the text file just by deleting the cre?

  3. G.R.G.

    Anonymous, I'm not really sure what the cre files are, I think they're a sort of backup of the text file. Don't quote me on that, though.

    The phone looks at the text file because there's already a bunch of these text files on the Z:\ drive. However, when placing them in C:\, the phone will look there first and use that text file.

  4. Neil

    Mr. X ~ Brilliant work.

    Many thanks for taking the time to work this out and share with the community. Much appreciated.

  5. TM

    On the first screen (showing 3D menu) on widget screen you have application shortcuts (e.g. shazam, web). How you did that? Plz share.

  6. silentangst

    Excellent find!

  7. G.R.G.

    @Jesus, Neil and Silentangst, I'm glad you like the hack :)

    @TM, I followed this guide:

    I might post it on here at a later date.

  8. TM

    @ Mr.X
    Thx man :)

  9. Anonymous

    I've got my i8910 hacked with HellOx it ok to use this version or do I HAVE to use the newer one?

  10. SwagR

    Just cant get this to worl..aaarrrggggghhh!

  11. SwagR


  12. G.R.G.

    @Anonymous, the version of HelloOx doesn't matter as long as you're able to access C:\Private afterwards.

    @SwagR, please continue our conversation on Twitter, I'll see if I can help.


  13. Anonymous

    Ive a problem, i cant past the 20020607.txt file because the paste command doesnt show me.
    I try to change the command shortcut but not work it.


  14. G.R.G.

    THK, Open ActiveFile, go to Options, Settings, General and change copy mode to paste.

  15. Jonathan Bruha

    Pretty sweet icons for the shortcuts you've created, Mr. X. If you only shared the png files for those shortcuts, I'd be a very happy hacker. :)

  16. G.R.G.

    Hi Jonathan,

    I've sent the icons to your Ovi mail address.

  17. riyassss

    ppl.pls help me.i dont noe hw to hack my Omnia HD to access the prvt rom patcher always exit when i apply a patch.=(


  18. riyassss

    how will i noe tt i have successfully hacked my omnia hd?


  19. Anonymous

    This is amazing. Thank you for taking the time and making my phone as I want it to be out of the box! I will keep visiting your site for new tweaks..


  20. bloesbroer

    It is indeed really amazing, BUT I think what the deleted file .cre does. It seems to be the "lock button", I just changed like above and it works quite well but now my lock button does not work anymore.

  21. bloesbroer

    Can someone please post the deleted file so I can check if this is really the problem.

  22. Anonymous

    Would it be possible to add extra pages? maybe by just adding extra lines like: 0x102 int ....etc.
    Or is this too simple thinking from my side?

  23. Anonymous

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  24. Anonymous

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  25. Anonymous

    Top site , Top guy Mr X , keep it up ;-)


  26. alkaabi

    many thanks man
    many many thanks
    a briliant idea
    thx a lot

  27. blowy666


    But when I set the right side to "calendar" for example, and let the right side as it is (Photo contacts), and I restart my phone after cpoying the txt-file, on the left will appear the calendar, but on the left side there is NOTHING...?

    Anyone an idea?

  28. Unknown

    hey hey, just dod the hack, when restarting the phone hangs on the screen with the 'SAMSUNG' with the blueish wave running under it.
    guess ill flash the thing? recommendations?

  29. Anonymous

    how to install appuidlist on phone ?

  30. Covetous Kid


    You just download the app to your phone and run it, but you might have to sign it/hack your phone.

    Mr. X: I now have the bluetooth app on one panel, but it keeps giving me a system error whenever I boot my phone. My guess is that it fails to load the bluetooth app on startup for some reason. After clicking OK when I see the system error, I open up the task manager and the bluetooth app isn't open. Any idea on how to fix it? Even after I open it, the transition to the bluetooth app is very choppy and sometimes it goes back to the home screen without completely loading the bluetooth app.

    Just a word of caution to other users: don't put any apps that require left/right strokes on the left and right panels, because by default the OS will pick up these strokes as an instruction to leave the current app to go to the panel on the left/right. I once had my Calendar app as one of the panels, but because I use handwriting input to write Chinese, it would go to the home screen whenever I applied a left-to-right stroke.

  31. Anonymous

    Great work! Works nice :) hardest part for me was that i was looking for AppUIDList in widgets but than I found it installed in Application list, not in widget list, but then it was piece of cake ;)

  32. Anonymous

    Thanks man, I really appreciate this work !

  33. Anonymous

    it worked!! :D
    thanks man...

  34. Anonymous

    i can't open appuidlist, can you tell me the code of music player and nimbuz? or are they different in different phones? sorry, and thanks

  35. Anonymous

    I can't open appuidlist too!!! Can you help me please? Or just post all codes, because i used one code from the picture that you posted and it's working great.
    Thanks very much

  36. Anonymous

    Brilliant! It's people like you who add such colour to the Symbian community.

    Thank you.

  37. rohit

    thanks for this.. what would happen if i chose the UID of the 3D NavApp as one of the applications (left or right)?

  38. Anonymous

    Thank you very much!
    Simply explained!

  39. Anonymous

    Works Great. Thx

  40. Septemberregen

    Works great!
    is there a chance to bring the dialing pad on one of 2 sides? at time i have freeisms and calender on it and it works great, but i diddnt found the UID for the dialing pad?

  41. Anonymous

    u r great man i follow all ur instructions and all work with jb1 thnx alot for ur great help

  42. Anonymous

    hi mr x im one of ur fans i have a question and a request can international t 9 be sis file or a is there a way to integrate it without flashing the mobile all i need is the international keyboard if possible thnx alot man

  43. Anonymous

    works only when i restart my phone i put 360 ting on the left when i exit the application i cant swipe it back as if the 3d nav is disabled if i exit the application

  44. Anonymous

    i've got the newest hyperx and the musicplayer doesnt work with it`? the phone turns very slowly and not good.
    have you got some backupfiles from the old one for me? i mad no backup:(

  45. Anonymous

    I love the i8910 and this post has really helped, thanks

  46. Tesco Vouchers

    Fantastic thanks so much for sharing this.

    I havn't actually used the 3d navigation yet but will give this a whirl! :)

  47. Unknown

    Followed directions and set Accuweather widget as left home screen. Worked great. Then I started getting creative thinking I could make multiple 2020607 files with minor changes to the name and rename to be able to change left home page on the fly. Now only photo contacts works.


  48. Anonymous

    Hi, great but it doesn't work for me, I change the left one with Resco PhotoViewer (0x2000737e) copy in 10202be9, but when I restart the phone the file 2002067.txt is not more in 10202be9. Now I have my contacts in the left. Any suggestion?

  49. Anonymous

    Unable to download the txt file.Was able to download other two apps. However txt file is unavailable.

  50. Ann

    Hello! I followed your directions, my phone is hacked, I have tried to change that settings for a few times, but it doesn't work. It is still main menu on the right and photo contacts on the left. Maybe, you have some special tricks for such stubborn phones like mine..?

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