Thursday, 13 August 2009

How to: Use Nokia's Ovi Store on the Samsung i8910

Nokia's recently released Ovi Store allows users of Nokia devices to browse through a selection of content, including wallpapers, ringtones and most importantly, S60 applications. With a little help from the Nokia N97, it is possible to not only browse the Ovi Store but to also download and install applications without a hitch - all from the Samsung i8910.

What you'll need:

-A hacked Samsung i8910 (refer to THIS post)
-THIS text file (copy it to your phone's storage)
-ActiveFile (Download HERE - install it on your phone)

Step 1:
Open ActiveFile on your i8910. Navigate to where you've saved the 101F8731.txt file and then copy it. Now go to the C:\ drive, open the 'Private' folder and then enter the folder named '10202be9'; paste the text file in here.

Step 2:
Restart your phone. Open the web browser and go to, you should now be greeted with this page:

Select 'No thanks, continue using the website'. The actual Ovi Store application does not work on the i8910.

Note: If you don't get that page, it probably means you've tried to access the Ovi Store before. Try clearing all your browser's private data by going to Options> Clear privacy data> All.

Now you can browse through the applications and install applications as you please.

How does it work?

This hack works by changing the browser's useragent string to that of the N97's. This means that all websites that you view from your i8910 will identify it as being a Nokia N97.

Do note that I haven't tried purchasing any applications from the Ovi Store yet, so I'm not sure if it'll work. Any feedback would be appreciated!


  1. djsaad1

    Thanks! Nice find, was looking at doing it this way the other day. But figured out you can do it through the iphonesque software too.

    The iphonesque app installs the iphone user agent, but you can change it to whatever you want through the iphonesque_20009682.dll file.

    Your way is obviously better though since no third party app needs to be installed.

  2. Jesus

    Thanks! works fine. Do you have anything else in store?

    Keep it up!

  3. G.R.G.

    Hi Djsaad1, yeah, I prefer this method since it's more elegant than using iPhonesque! By the way, I've seen your guide on unpacking firmware files - great work! Has anything come to fruition yet? If all goes well, I might have something relating to it soon... ;)

    @Jesus, no problem, I'm glad I could help! I'm not too sure but I'll keep trying new things. As I mentioned above, I might have something quite 'big' coming soon.


  4. PapaDocta

    it would be nice if you could find a way to make call recording programs works in i8910....

    also are you able to download dm files and install them directly to the phone?

  5. G.R.G.


    I'll see if I can find anything on the call recording issue, I can't make any promises, though.

    When you download from the Ovi Store directly on your phone, I'm pretty sure they all come in dcf files. Dm files happen when you download the apps from your computer, right?


  6. PapaDocta

    thank you Mr. X and not sure about the file format when downloading from phone.. but i will try this mod and post the results :D

    thank you for the great work

  7. djsaad1

    Mr. X nothing big has come to fruition yet with unpacking the firmware. Just aesthetic stuff like changing sounds, icons, and the toolbar. Nothing really worth the headache of repacking the firmware. Still working on trying to fully hack the phone through the firmware files.

    Thanks for this site and sharing your hacks, your doing a great job!

  8. Anonymous

    That's great many thanks!

    Sorry for posting it here but do you think there is a way to get a game going on the i8910 called XDancery v1.01.331 which was made for the 5800 and n97 only.

  9. G.R.G.

    @Anonymous, if it's a normal sis file it should work fine on the i8910. Have you tried it?

  10. Anonymous

    Thanks for the reply.

    The game installs fine and it's the normal sis format. The problem I have is that when I start the game up, a loading bar appears and then stops on a black screen.Chinese characters appear with 5800 at the end.

    I assume the game knows I am trying to play it on an unsupported device.

    I've tried to extract the sis file to find out if I can modify any of the game files to prevent it from checking what phone you are trying to play it on, no luck so far.

  11. Anonymous

    I think Nokia has changed Ovi site again (or may be it's because I'm scandinavian, I don't know). Anyway, I can (unhacked I8910) browse and download apps from Ovi. They automatically install after download. All fine.
    Only one problem, I would like to try apps from Nokia beta labs, like 'Nokia Photo browser', it won't let me, says 'certificate error'. So may be that's Nokia's new way of protecting their own software. Probably they install a certain root certificate on all Nokia phones, then other phones miss that root cert. and won't install.

  12. G.R.G.

    @Anonymous, most of Nokia's apps are indeed signed with a Nokia-only certificate. To get around this, simply resign the files with your leftup certificate.

  13. silentangst

    I can use the Ovi store through Facebook. Facebook recognises my phone as a Nokia 5800, sends me to the Ovi Store to download their application, where it also recognises me as a 5800. Pretty nifty.

  14. Anonymous

    i have a few questions for you mr X.
    1)why do i use left-up cert/key instead of the real ones from opda ? does it make any different if i use the real ones and not the left-up at all anytime i sign a applications/games ?
    2)what does hacking the phone do actually ? i don't see any immediate different when i did it just now. Couldn't i just sign the applications/games with the opda cert or left-up cert and install it without hackng my phone ? or i need a hacked phone in order for it to install after i sign the applications/games ?
    3) what is ROMPatch,Modo ? and what do they do exactly ? and how do i use them ?
    4) one of the link (text file) is now working.

    Thanks alot !

  15. G.R.G.


    1)The leftup certificate and keys are more powerful than the one you've got from OPDA. They'll allow you to install all applications. The OPDA certificate has some limitations.

    2)Hacking the phone gives you access to the protected folders in the C:\ drive. Having access to the C:\ drive allows you to use custom certificates (leftup). Like I said above, some applications won't work with just OPDA certificates.

    3)ROMPatcher allows you to patch the ROM... That's the best way I can explain it. Modo is just a file manager that is able to access the system folders.

    4)Please explain further?

  16. Anonymous

    Thanks alot for the clear answers. And i meant one of the link is NOT working (the txt file link)

  17. Anonymous

    hmm.. i m afraid that all the links r not working .. :S

  18. G.R.G.

    Thanks for letting me know!

    It seems is down. I'll try to find the files on my computer and reupload them to a different files' host as soon as possible.

    Thanks again.

  19. Anonymous

    I just know im going to sound like a noob here..but i dont get a paste option in active file at given destination when ive copied the .txt file to clipboard...just a blip im sure but can you advise???

  20. Anonymous

    ups no private folder on my drive c: ????

  21. Anonymous

    also can´t see the "Private" folder on drive c:

  22. Anonymous

    i get a system error when i try to browse. can someone help?

  23. Unknown

    i'm having a problem with step 2. when i copy the text file i find no problems, but when i go to the folder you mentioned in the private folder, no option is given to me to paste. when i go to options, file i get only open, new folder, new file and i doing something wrong??

  24. modaho

    As above. I cannot paste the text file that I have copied from my notes into the Activefile. Any help please...I want to start signing apps! Has anyone who had this problem solved it yet? Thanks

  25. frappawotsit

    As several others, i have not had an option to "paste" once in the correct folder. I'm unable to complete the process.... i'm using the Itailian XXII1 firmware if that makes any difference?

  26. frappawotsit

    One other question... once we do get this to work, and the text file is in, our phones appear as an N97 to the web... how do we then change that back so it shows as an i8910 again when we're finished with the ovi store? Or does it ONLY appear as an N97 to the ovi store? thanks.

  27. ArdalanPersian

    I can install the series of apps which starts with " n " that I guess means " nokia " e.g ngun, etc. but at the running it gives " System Erro " ? installation is perfect but running not, why ? beside the apps are normal sys files

  28. Anonymous

    I can't download anything... after pressing download won't happen a thing...

  29. Anonymous

    charmy410 said:

    "i'm having a problem with step 2. when i copy the text file i find no problems, but when i go to the folder you mentioned in the private folder, no option is given to me to paste."

    The clue was given in the installation messages for Active File. It installs with a two-screen setting. Got to Options | Settings | General and either set the Number of Panels to one or the Copy Mode to Paste.


  30. Anonymous

    Having said that, I still cannot get into the Store. The text file is in the correct place but my phone ignores it. Any ideas anyone?


  31. Mark

    After I've copied the txt file, I restart my phone and then the text file has dissapeared. I have tried copying it into that folder and moving it into that folder. Ive restarted the phone through the Activefile and by just switching it on and off again but with the same result. I cannot get the text file to stay in its new directory.

    Can anyone help me?

  32. Anonymous

    in regards to the people who cant paste you need to go to settings in active file, then general and change the copy mode from pane to paste then do it as before. having said that i have done it and pasted it but when i try to open the file my phone says unable to execute file for security reasons, so any help there would be great

  33. modaho

    "in regards to the people who cant paste you need to go to settings in active file, then general and change the copy mode from pane to paste then do it as before."

    Ive done this, but still gives me no option anywhere in the active file to paste what I have copied to the clipboard. The only way I could copy the text was to save it to my notes??

  34. Ashok

    Once i download the app, Where does the dcf file stores...To sgn it with leftup cer I need the file..Right?

  35. Anonymous

    I have the same problem as Mark. I've tried all the permutations I can think of but the text file just disappears and Ovi Store says I have an imcompatible phone.

    Any help anyone please?

    Cheers, Jejoma

  36. redlabour

    Same for me - does not work on I8910XEII2

  37. Anonymous

    I also have come across this problem! the text file disappears and the ovi page just says i don't have a compatible phone. I'm on I8910XXja1. Help needed! Thanks!


  38. Anonymous

    You Forgot the Satio and how to get the Ovi Maps on the Satio

  39. Anonymous

    Hi thanks for this piece of information.but there is a small problem that i m not able to find that private me please

  40. Anonymous

    This is scary hack through to Nokia security files.

  41. Anonymous


  42. Morten Saxentoff

    I can't get the file: ActiveFile to work. Says that the access on the device is not possible. Please help......


  43. Anonymous


  44. Anonymous

    Hi, for anyone who can get into the Ovi Store with the Ovi App, but always gets the "download failed" message like I did, try this:

    Start the OVI Store app, go to OPTIONS >> ACCOUNT >> SETTINGS >> INSTALLATION PREFERENCES. If it says that apps and games should be installed to 'Phone Memory C' change it to 'Memory Card E', or whatever your larger memory storage is. I changed this and downloads worked. Have installed a few free apps and it's all good.

    I'm running HX-V3 firmware, and his OVI Store app on my i8910.

    Hope this helps someone out there.

  45. Anonymous

    Thanks for the last update on i8910 . It really helped.

  46. Anonymous

    Works a charme :) just remember to alter the activefile program to work on the touch phone! Thanks!

  47. Anonymous

    i dont knw how to paste 01F8731.txt to this '10202be9'; it doesnt hav an option to paste, can eny 1 help me

  48. Anonymous

    Can't find the 'private' file have hacked the phone, but the file isn't there.

  49. Anonymous

    Used this hack to allow a Nokia N82 to download "not supported" software from Ovi store, worked like a charm :)

    Thank you

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