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GadgetShieldz skin for Samsung i8910 Omnia HD review

There are few things worse for a gadget enthusiast to see than their brand new device covered in scratches after just a few days’ use. Because of this, many are in search of protection for their device(s). Such protection is widely available in the form of crystal cases, leather pouches and silicon housings; however, such solutions are bulky and take away from a gadget’s aesthetic qualities. Luckily, there are better alternatives available, such as the GadgetShieldz full-body skin. Thanks to GadgetShieldz for sending me skins for review!

Service and speed:
Prices for GadgetShieldz are incredibly competitive, starting at just $6.99 and with free worldwide shipping. The Samsung i8910 GadgetShieldz is $7.49, which is still an excellent price.

Notices will be sent to your email address after purchase and also when your GadgetShieldz have been shipped. The company’s communication is excellent, so if you have any problems or queries, a quick email should do the trick.

The GadgetShieldz skin arrived at my doorstep via TNT after just 4 working days from order confirmation. Note that the products are shipped from Chennai, India while I’m situated in London, England.

Packaging and contents:
The skins arrived in a DL size envelope along with a physical invoice. The skins themselves are like stickers, located on two (in the i8910’s case) separate sheets.

Instructions for installation can be found here, on the GadgetShieldz website. As recommended, I prepared my baby lotion solution and cleared my workspace at around 9PM, so that the skins would dry over-night while I slept.

I didn’t really have any trouble installing the skins, but it does require quite a bit of patience to get them on to your device in a satisfactory manner. The key to applying the larger pieces successfully is to make sure that both your hands and the actual skin are covered in a good amount of your baby lotion solution. This allows you to freely slide the skin over your device until it’s in perfect place.

When installing pieces that fold over the sides, I found that using a hair dryer set to the lowest heat (as described on the GadgetShieldz website) to dry the pieces and then stick the sides down worked well.

For a little extra peace of mind, I also used masking tape to secure the parts of the skin that fold over the sides of the device.

After waiting the recommended 24 hours, I was rather pleased with the results, though I did have a few (5-6) medium-sized air bubbles on the back of the phone as well as the screen. Also, the dried solution left the phone looking hazy and somewhat clouded.

Within the first 3 days of use, all air bubbles had disappeared, including some that were right in the middle of the screen. The haziness had also cleared. I polished the entire phone with baby wipes and was pleased at how good it looked.

The skin makes it easier to grip the highly glossy plastic back of the Samsung i8910, which is definitely welcomed. Though their website claims that GadgetShieldz skins don’t affect the touchscreen sensitivity of the device, I did notice, at first, that my finger dragged across the i8910’s capacitive screen instead of gracefully sliding along. Fortunately, though, this feeling quickly disappeared – I don’t know if it was the skin’s bond to the screen that improved or if it was just me getting used to the feeling. What I do know, though, is that navigating menus and swiping through the gallery feels just as natural as it did without the GadgetShieldz installed on my i8910.

Despite this, I feel the screen protector of the GadgetShieldz is the only negative thing about it. The i8910’s screen is angled-off at the sides and the GadgetShieldz have been cut with this in mind. Unfortunately, this means that the GadgetShieldz screen protector is unable to fully stick down on the sides of the skin because there isn’t enough material for the skin to stick down to; you can see the problems that this causes in the images and video embedded below.
GadgetShieldz have now updated the i8910's screen protector, and it fits PERFECTLY. Amazing service.

This could be fixed by removing about 1mm from the left and right sides of the film, so that it only sticks to the absolute front of the i8910.

If you’re in search of scratch protection for your beloved gadgets, you really can’t go wrong with the GadgetShieldz skins. They’re cheaper than similar alternatives while providing the same overall quality and experience. I’ve already fallen in love with the one on my i8910 because it allows me to use my phone without having to worry about scratches. At approximately £4 each, I would have no problems recommending the GadgetShieldz full-body protector to friends and family.


  1. aks

    akhilesh:sir plz plz help me when i try to apply for my certificate in opda there comes an option of entering my phonbe no. whatever phone no. i type it says that it is incorrect pls help me sir phone model is nokia 5320xm v4.13

  2. Mike

    This looks a lot better than my Zag InvisibleShield. Although I had mine installed for a day only, i hope mine smoothens out in the next couple of days. Also, Zagg prices are ridiculous! GadgetShieldz is cheap.

  3. Anonymous

    Fantastic, thanks for blogging about this, the i8910 has lots of leather cover options but not much else, apart form the really cheap rubber alternatives which are just hopeless!

  4. Asda Vouchers

    Fantastic thanks, besides the leather alternatives this is the best idea for protecting your i8910 yet.

  5. Chelsea

    I had GadgetShieldz skins installed to almost every gadget I have. The price is very reasonable and my phones are scratch-proof. The installation process is just the same with the other skins so it's not something new to me anymore and patience is indeed a virtue. The skin was delivered right upfront my doorstep with no additional fee, so it was just $6.99 total amount of money I spent.

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