Monday, 10 May 2010

New Nokia N8 720p HD Video Sample

Ahmed360 has shown a new Nokia N8 sample video which I've uploaded to YouTube. This video gives us a realistic representation of the quality that we can expect from the Nokia N8, whereas the sample video uploaded by Nokia was filmed in excellent conditions using professional gear.

Coming from someone who has used an Omnia HD and Vivaz, the HD video looks comparable (maybe a bit better) to what is currently available on the market today -- is that a good or a bad thing?


  1. dx by dy

    Wow that's actually quite impressive

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Do you know if N8 will allow record phone calls like N95, 5800, N97 with 3 party applications?
    Do you know if it have voice commands?

  3. Anonymous

    Does It have contiuous autofocus?

  4. Anonymous

    Thats considerably better than the OmniaHD

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