Saturday, 22 May 2010

Nokia N8 Benchmarks

The N8 will be Nokia's first Symbian device with a hardware graphics accelerator since the N82. While some current Symbian phones (Omnia HD, Satio and Vivaz) already have a graphics accelerator, they are hindered by the fact that S60v5 wasn't designed to make use of powerful hardware. Symbian^3, on the other hand, is fully capable of taking advantage of the N8's GPU, and I've got the benchmarks to prove it.

Speedy Go!:
Speedy Go! is an application designed to improve the performance of Symbian phones using its accelerator. The application comes with a speed test utility, which can help to compare the performance of different devices. The test gives a measure of the overall speed of the phone. You can see an example below, showing the Omnia HD against the N97:

Here's the result for the N8, with the Speedy Go! accelerator off and accelerator on:

As you can see, the N8's unaccelerated 'phone speed' is 54% greater than the Omnia HD and 180% greater than the N97. Impressive, wouldn't you agree? (Thanks to MyNokiaBlog for pointing out my incorrect maths)

Note: The Speedy Go! test was conducted on the N8 firstly with 10 widgets running on the homescreen (five on the first page, five on the second and none on the third page). In that test, the N8 scored 777. The above screenshot was taken with 4 widgets on the homescreen. Please also keep in mind that this is a prototype N8; the software is not finalised. There's still plenty of room for improvement.

FPC bench 3D:

EDIT: After some trial and error, the graphical compatibility issues have been bypassed and I can now show you a screenshot of the N8's results for FPC Bench 3D.

As you can see, all the results are at 60fps. This is because the benchmarks only go up to 60fps. I'll need to find a more challenging benchmarking application, I suppose ;)

In the video below, you can see how the N95 8GB and N97 handle the same test. The results are shown at around the 6-minute mark.

I'm sure many of you have read opinions from people who've used the N8. Now that those opinions have been substantiated with benchmarks, how do you feel about the N8?


  1. Anonymous


  2. craig

    This has sealed it for me. I'm buying a N8.

    Posted from my DROID.

  3. Ying

    Not sure how true this is but rumor has it that the application, Speedy Go!, gives inaccurate results because the test bases results on the speed of your application, not the "true" speed of the phone. People recommended trying the application "FPCBench" in addition and then compare results.

  4. Mr. X

    Hi Ying,

    What do you mean by the speed of application? I'm not quite sure. I tried calculating the first 2 million Fibonacci numbers using FPCBench but there seems to be some compatibility issues with the N8. That's why I used FPCBench for the 3D test, as that worked after some tweaking.


  5. Ruhul

    why the video is N97 vs omnia? why not n8 itself?

  6. Mr. X

    Hi Ruhul,

    I would have loved to have posted a video or even a picture. However, people with N8s have been instructed not to post content to the internet -- these benchmarks *shouldn't* be here. Because of this, I'm using screenshots to keep the chances of the N8 being traced to a minimum.

    I'll see if I'll be able to get some video content later. Speaking of which, what kind of N8 content would you like to see?


  7. DonJaG

    Mr X,

    I would love to see benchmarks on the USB 3.0 transfer rate, both wired and wireless. Also USB2go, specifically viewing 720p files on a thumbdrive being connected to a HDTV with n8 as host. That would be AWESOME. Also a desciption of how bad is the OLED screen in sunlight, I hear it's really bad. Some more pictures taken in the dark would be much appreciated as well.

  8. Anonymous

    How about ?

  9. MobilesRoom

    I tipped engadget :)

  10. Mr. X

    @DonJaG, I'll try my best to get some of what you requested, but keep in mind that I might not be able to deliver it all.

    @MobilesRoom, thanks :)

  11. Anonymous

    Onmia HD with Turbo-Mode by HyperX

  12. Anonymous

    first of all i think this phone going to flop just like the N97 and the N97 mini, why because of the fact nokia still holding on symbian and not moving to android or even make something that can compete with androeid my point is people don't get too hyped about this phone wait until its out and tested by others(i dont have something against you MR X) its just we now how it went with n97 and n97 mini that's all...

  13. MobilesRoom

    You mean Nokia "can't" sell it because it runs Symbian ?

    Have you heard about Nokia 5800 and how much it sold ?

    And how is that If Nokia used Android instead will boost it sales ?

    Please kindly enlighten us with your knowledge on Operating System.

  14. DonJaG

    @ Mr X
    I will patiently wait for what you can demo on the n8.

  15. Anonymous

    If the 720p video is for real, I am buying one. Nokia has disappointed lately, hopefully this is not a marketing hoax

  16. Anonymous

    omnia hd > n8

  17. amnor

  18. josh

    Hey, how about this, my N82 got 377 unaccelerated and 429 on accelerated.

  19. NokiaN8Blog.Info

    This is indeed impressive. Having seen Need For Speed running recently, it is even more assertive that Nokia N8 is a tough competition for the Apple.

  20. Anonymous

    My nokia e52 fpc bench 3d score: 711

  21. Anonymous

    Most reliable benchmark is SP Mark

  22. android development

    I've bought Nokia N8 only few days ago but I am already more than happy with it. It has so much functions and the price is relatively low. I am really happy about it. As I see the post is written in 2010 but in my country this phone is almost new in 2011 :) Thanks for the post!

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