Monday, 17 May 2010

Nokia N8 Brings Smilies To Symbian

I love text messaging. I send about 3000 text messages every month. Some text messages make me feel :), while others make me feel :(. What also makes me :( is that, for as long as I can remember, my Symbian-powered devices have not supported 'smilies' in text messages. The N8 (with Symbian^3) is here to finally fix that.

Some of you might have read ifanr's preview of the Nokia N8. In that preview, there was a screenshot of the Nokia N8's text messaging interface, with a button showing a smiley face on it:
This is what you'll see when you press that button on a N8:

These smilies are also animated, which should help to further enhance your text messaging experience.


  1. Anonymous

    I have been waiting for this for years

  2. Anonymous

    is it really working? how come i cant find the smiley button on my nokia N8? thank u

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