Sunday, 30 May 2010

Nokia N8 To Support Divx?

Nokia's N8 is set to become a serious multimedia powerhouse. Just imagine hooking up a 32GB flash drive to the N8 using its fantastic USB OTG feature, accessing a HD movie and then connecting the N8 to your 50" TV through its HDMI port. Sounds good, right? It'd be even better if the N8 comes with DivX playback out of the box.

When the N8 was first announced, a question and answer session was organised by Nokia. During the session, someone asked whether the N8 would support the DivX codec out of the box, to which Nokia responded that "we can't comment at the moment". To me, that obviously suggested that Nokia were looking into Divx support for the N8, and possibly Symbian^3.

Recently, my suspicions were vindicated by Ahmed360. Ahmed is a member of ArabNokia and Mobile Review forums, and has access to a prototype Nokia N8. This is what he said about the N8's ability to play DivX encoded video files:
For now, N8 manages to play Divx movies perfectly...
Very interesting. It shows us that at least some prototypes of the N8 are able to play DivX videos.

But why the big fuss over a codec? I'm sure many N900 and Omnia HD owners will say the same thing: convenience. Divx support means that I can copy the majority of videos that I download straight onto my phone, without having to convert them first. In the past, this has allowed me to throw whole series onto my memory card, not having to wait several hours for my laptop to convert about 7GB of video.

The only question that remains is if production units of the N8 will also come with Divx support. I'm fairly confident that Nokia will deliver, considering that the N8 already officially supports MKV, so why not DivX?


  1. Swordless

    this is a real selling point for me. if it comes with divx that will be the icing on the cake

  2. Anonymous

    This is rather important to be so lets hope so.

  3. Anonymous

    Genuine DivX Certified products are listed here:

  4. Mr. X

    Hi William,

    Thanks for the link. I looked through the list and there's no mention of the N8. Seeing as you have Divx and Nokia listed as employers on your website, I'm assuming this means the N8 might still get DivX support, but it won't be DivX certified (just like the N900)?


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