Monday, 3 May 2010

Nokia N8 With 32GB In The Works?

Nokia's official word on the N8's memory is that there's 16gb built-in, with support for MicroSDs up to 32GB. Some people (including me) were slightly dissapointed that the N8 doesn't come with the 32GB of built-in storage that graced the N97; there might still be hope.

The prototype box:

SaudiMac had the first picture of the N8 in black, its USB OTG adapter and most importantly, the N8's packaging. Click the image for full size.

As you should be able to clearly see, the box is printed with 'Nokia N8-00/32GB'. Some of you may be skeptical, since you probably haven't seen any Nokia products coming out of bright blue boxes, but look at the Booklet 3G's box:

It's exactly the same shade of blue. Does this mean that there will be a 32GB variant of the N8? Or perhaps this is simply a box from a scrapped prototype. SaudiMac have already Photoshopped the 32gb out of their images (luckily I saved them before!), most likely at the request of Nokia -- are they hiding something?

The word of Eldar:
Eldar Murtazin, Russian mobile king and editor of Mobile-Review, has also hinted at the possibility of a N8 32GB.

When asked if his tweet meant that there was an upcoming 32GB variant of the N8, Eldar responded saying "of course - later, with more stable FW etrc - as usual Nokia do".

So, will the N8 come with a 32GB version at launch, or will there be a later improved version of the N8 with 32GB built-in, à la N95 8GB?


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