Friday, 11 June 2010

Bluetooth Mouse Support Arrives On Symbian^3

This morning, Nokia Conversations posted their final Nokia N8 video overview. Chris Bennetts demonstrated the N8's music player, accessing context-sensitive menus by long pressing an item, as well as the new coverflow music interface. Also shown was the N8's HDMI output, which was very impressive. However, what stood out to me while watching that part was Bennetts' emphasis on Bluetooth control...

With older versions of Symbian, drivers were available for Bluetooth keyboards and game controllers. But, as far as I can recall, Bluetooth pointing devices were never supported through the OS. Look at this:
As you can see, there's a cursor displayed on the N8's Symbian^3 interface. Some of you might remember from your older S60v3 devices that the native S60 browser also featured a mouse cursor for navigating pages. This cursor is being used in the music player, and I believe the cursor is being controlled by a Bluetooth mouse. Here's another screenshot:

This would mean the N8 will be the first Symbian device (assuming it's the first released) with native Bluetooth mouse support usable throughout the UI.

I'm currently awaiting some confirmations and details, so I'll update this post if I get anything new.

EDIT: Symbian^3 does indeed support Bluetooth mice. You can check out the Bluetooth HID drivers (and other stuff?) here on the Symbian developer website. Thanks to Brendan in the comments for pointing this out!

EDIT 2: I can now confirm that the N8 does natively support Bluetooth mice.


  1. Anonymous

    Any idea if the n8 can stream HD content? at least 480 or 720p? I guess the question would be if it can play youtube HD, which wont be possible until flash 10.1 arrives for Symbian. Or if the WebTV app will feature HD streaming. Otherwise, we're left to watching HD movies we've ripped on PC.

  2. Mr. X

    I don't know about streaming, but Nokia says the N8 can play 720p videos up to 30fps. Maybe some developers will create applications to play YouTube HD videos?


  3. Brendan

    Yes, there is HID mouse support in Symbian^3. As always, the caveat is whether Nokia chose to use it in the N8, but it looks like they did according to those shots! Awesome!

  4. Mr. X

    Hi Brendan,

    Thanks for the information, I've updated the post :)

  5. John Nyebe

    But I think it wasn't the cursor from a BT mouse. It's from the keyboard because the keyboard has no trackpad. How can you navigate with an arrowkeys aside from backspacing and entering for enter and back.

  6. Mr. X


    That's true, it could be from a keyboard. But now it's clear that mice are supported in the OS itself, and I'm very pleased with that, since it will make the N8 even more like a mobile computer.


  7. elias.alberto

    Any idea if this support came to older devices using s60v5, like 5800xm or n97? There has been a recent firmware update to 5800, any chance this driver was included?

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