Friday, 4 June 2010

Gameloft's Asphalt 5 On The Nokia N8

Even before release, it seems the N8 will be receiving a fair amount of attention from game developers, likely due to its impressive GPU. The latest of these developers is Gameloft, who have uploaded the above video showing Asphalt 5 running on a N8. This isn't Gameloft's first hardware accelerated 3D game for touchscreen Symbian devices, as they also developed a number of games for the Omnia HD; the prior experience should help with the quality of the N8's game(s). Overall, the demo looks pretty smooth but there's no point in trying to draw a conclusion until I get to play Asphalt 5 on a N8 myself.

Also, if you didn't notice, Gameloft have used quite an old N8 prototype in this video. The prototype that they're using has an extra button to the right of the menu button.


  1. Anonymous

    looks awesome

  2. Anonymous

    Looks crap next to my iphone3gs. but what would you epect from a nokia anyway?

  3. Mr. X

    @Anonymous 2,

    Though it's true the 3GS has some of the best looking games on mobile phones, it's a bit unfair to dismiss Asphalt on the N8 before it's even out...

  4. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous,

    Well, the other racing game on the N8 we have seen so far. Need for Speed Shift, looks a lot better than anything out there for the 3GS, which makes sense, since the N8 eats the 3GS alive in resolution and GPU power.

    Lets see what the 4G can do...

  5. Anonymous

    Nice. This phone seems simliar as iphone 3gs. Final resul in performances is fine, nothing more. Nokia must be more agresive. They must make something totaly amazing. In europe, android and iphone are not so popular, and people will continue buing nokia's phones. But for the rest of the world...

  6. Dheeraj Verma

    is this video is real or fake??????

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