Tuesday, 8 June 2010

iPhone 4 vs Nokia N8 Official Sample Pictures

So, the Apple iPhone 4 was announced yesterday (June 7th). With it came a new 5 megapixel camera which Steve Jobs seemed quite proud of. Apple claims that, despite the increased number of megapixels, the pixels themselves are still the same size as in the 3GS' camera. Apple also claims that the iPhone 4 is the first phone with a backside illuminated camera. What does this all mean in terms of actual pictures? Let's see.

Apple has now posted a set of images from the iPhone 4 on its website, which you can see view here. Nokia also posted pictures from the N8 on its Conversations website, which you can see here.

Obviously both companies will have selected pictures that give the viewer a positive impression of the device, so I'd say it's pretty fair to compare them.

I bet you use your phone's camera mostly for taking pictures of other humans, right? Well, I do. Both Apple and Nokia have uploaded sample portraits from their flagship cameras, so let's compare them:
Nokia N8
iPhone 4

This comparison is a bit questionable I suppose. The N8 seems to be focussing on a subject (the label on the jeans) further away than the iPhone's, but this might just be down to the N8's 28mm wide-angle lens. Here are the pictures:
Nokia N8
iPhone 4

 In my opinion, the N8 definitely comes out on top, with visibly more pleasing results. But that's to be expected since the N8 has the largest camera sensor in any phone. Despite that, the iPhone 4 still does very well; I feel that its camera will perform to a satisfactory level in use.


  1. Anonymous

    You're forgetting one big difference: N8 images are straight out of the phone, while iPhone shots are heavily tuned!


  2. Anonymous

    I doubt that one can compare those cameras with those pictures! fail!

  3. Mr. X


    Apple specifically says that the images are untouched, just as Nokia did.


    Why not? They're both from official sources...

  4. Anonymous

    The pixel-sensor pitch is approx the same across the two cameras, so any iq advantage should be down to Mpixels, lens and cmos-implementation.

  5. Anonymous

    Impressive. I didn't expect the iPhone's shots to turn out that good. Well, both shots are taken under good lighting condition. Under low light the N8 would no doubt take better photos thanks to the huge sensor.

    Sorry if this is off topic. Nokia says the N8 camera is optimised for still photos thus 720p recording @ 25FPS only. Is that a hardware or software limitation?


  6. Mr. X


    I'm confident that the N8's hardware is capable of recording 720p at 30fps. Apparently 24fps gives a more film-like appearance to the videos (with the latest prototypes, HD is filmed at a constant 24.8fps - according to my source). To be honest, I don't know the complete reasons for it being at 25fps. You'll have to ask Nokia.


  7. c0nd3mn3d

    @Mr. X

    "Why not? They're both from official sources..."

    quite obviously because they are not of the same thing.

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