Monday, 14 June 2010

More 720p HD N8 Video Samples

Two new 720p HD videos recorded by the N8 were uploaded to YouTube today. The above video was uploaded by yugaabe.

It looks pretty smooth, even on YouTube, but that might just be down to there being very little movement in the video. This video shows the N8's ability to keep background objects focused, but when yugaabe points the N8 at a close-by flower, it becomes out of focus and blurred. There's also a subtle blue hue to the video but otherwise it looks quite pleasing.

This video was uploaded by Phonedaily. As with yugaabe's video, panning looks smooth with no dropped frames. Phonedaily's video also exhibits a blue hue. I'm thinking this might be because of poor lighting at the venue?

Anyway, these videos from prototypes are encouraging. It would be nice if Nokia provided a choice of focussing solutions, since it looks like macro video will be impossible!


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