Monday, 14 June 2010

N8 Blue, Green, Orange And Silver Gallery

If you didn't know already, Nokia today held events in Singapore, London and New York City for the N8 and X5-01. As you'd expect, there are a bunch of pictures coming from the attendees of these events. I've gathered some pictures of the Blue, Green, Orange and Silver N8s that were on show.


These pictures were taken by Ewan MacLeod and Ben Smith of Mobile Industry Review. Thanks!

These pictures were taken by Vietnamese website Tinh te. Thanks!

These pictures were taken by Vietnamese website Tinh te. Thanks!

These pictures were taken by Kiruba Shankar. Thanks!


  1. Anonymous

    I will buy blue 1

  2. Luqman Khalifa

    what do you make of this

  3. Mr. X


    Hmm, I'll be sticking to black.


    Thanks for that. Seems interesting. I'll write a post.

  4. Mr. X


    The listing was in error:

    "Sorry there was a mistake, I was selling this for a friend and when he send me the info for some reason he miss type the number 5. What he wants me to sell is a nokia n85. He just call me to let me know of this and I have end this bidding"

    Thanks anyway!

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