Monday, 14 June 2010

New Nokia N8 TV Advert

In today's Nokia N8 news maelstrom, jamcansing has uploaded a video from a Nokia Connection event showing a new Nokia N8 advert. Jamcansing claims it's a Television advert, but I can't help but wonder which markets this will be shown in. Anyways, the advert shows some of the cool N900 modifications that came as a result of Nokia's PUSH campaign, Callo the N82 robot and of course the N8 itself. The advert then closes with Nokia's tag line for the N8: 'What will you do with it?'.

Pretty nice advert, but I hope they have some other ones demonstrating the N8's native abilities.


  1. Anonymous

    crap crap crap. why cant nokia make ads like apple? keep it simple and to the point

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