Saturday, 5 June 2010

Nokia N8: The Black Beauty

Yes, I know - Nokia describes this N8 as being dark grey, but it's a very dark grey. Such a beautiful device deserves to be gandered at. This is now, without a doubt, my favourite colour variant of the N8. In my quest to turn all of my readers to the dark side, I've got some pictures of a freshly-made N8. This is the latest hardware revision available.

The theme installed is 'Lake' by Larsson. Download it here.

Are you ready to join me?


  1. darth vader

    call me darth vader from now on!

  2. Mr. X

    @Darth Vader,

    Lol, welcome to the dark side! Enjoy your stay ;)


  3. Luqman Khalifa

    where did you get these pictures from?

    oh and on a side note i am on the dark side

  4. Mr. X

    From a friend.


  5. Ying

    Hey Mr. X,

    I noticed that on many of the close up shots of the Nokia N8, either the Ambient Light Sensor or the Proximity Sensor is not present on the front of the device face. I believe the sensor next to the front camera is the Proximity Sensor. With that said, where is the Ambient Light Sensor or vise versa? Could you please verify the locations of the sensors?

  6. Mr. X

    Hi Ying,

    The ambient light sensor is located directly to the left of the N8's front-facing camera. Directly to the left of the ambient light sensor is the proximity sensor. In the latest hardware revisions, the 'window' in front of the proximity sensor is tinted. Hope this helps.


  7. Ying

    Wow. The proximity sensor is extremely tinted then. Perfect blending with the black bezel. Thanks. Great site by the way. Keep up the good work.

  8. G.R.G.

    Yep, it looks good. But you can see it if you shine a bright light into it.

    Thanks for the kind words :)

  9. ashok

    we can buy nokia n8 for iPad... it has such great features...

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