Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Nokia N8 Confirmed To Support Divx

Just a quick update on the Nokia N8's supported codec status: As I suspected, the N8 will indeed feature native Divx support upon release. This was confirmed by -- they spoke with a French Nokia representative who claims that the phone will be able to play Divx-encoded videos without any need for conversion. This is great news, it means the N8 will be able to play both MKV and Divx-encoded videos, allowing for maximum native compatibility with downloaded videos in a Symbian device. Blog-n8 also mentioned that the N8 will be released in late August and made available in early September, at least in France.

EDIT: Apparently Blog-n8 were given incorrect information, and the N8 does NOT support the Divx codec. Perhaps Nokia are saving the announcement of Divx compatibility until the N8 is available in shops. As long as it's there in the end, I'll be pleased.


  1. craig

    nice, thanks for the heads up

  2. Anonymous

    LOL they corrected it. N8 does not support Divx.. =(

  3. Mr. X


    Damn! Thanks for the update though =)

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