Friday, 6 August 2010

How To: Factory Reset Samsung Wave

Here's a quick tip for Samsung Wave owners. If you need to wipe your device completely clean (maybe you're selling it or returning it), you'll need to perform a hard reset (also known as a factory reset). The reset function in the Wave's settings menu does not remove all data, making it pretty much useless in this situation.

To hard/factory reset your Wave, type *2767*3855# into the telephone dialer. Note that once you type this code into your Wave, it will IMMEDIATELY begin the reset procedure (that's why I didn't enter # in the screenshot above); there is no confirmation. ONLY type this code in when you need to delete all personal data on your Wave.


  1. Anonymous

    when doing a hard reset, will the data stored in the phone's internal memory become unrecoverable permanently ? Even when using a file recovery tool? because im planning to sell my phone and i want to be sure that all my data will not be recovered

  2. Angela Burke

    Thanks for that. Had tried for ages to reset data on my Samsung Wave before selling it.

  3. anshul works.....

  4. Anonymous

    after i hard reset my samsung wave s8500 it keeps restarting.. how do i fix it?..

  5. Anonymous

    Take out the Sim card and replace it with another that is Not T-Mobile or o2. Then you should be OK with something like Vodafone. (Sim).

  6. Anonymous

    Thats Providing your phone is factory unlocked like mine.

  7. Anonymous

    Wow it really worked.....thanks

  8. jingjing

    thank really worked so much....

  9. Anonymous

    recuva can recover everything!!!! kudos!

  10. vinod patil


  11. Ashi

    hi i mis my password in samsung wave525 plz tell me solution immedetly........

  12. Anonymous

    i hard reset my samsung wave s8500 1,5 hour ago and it still trying to do. do you think there is a problem??? if it is, what i should do???

  13. Anonymous

    Any idea aside fr0m hard codes ?

  14. cool

    i purchases a new samaung wave s5253.
    i dont no what is the password i have type 00000 &12345 and meny more numbers i dont know what is the current password can you please help me?

  15. Anonymous

    i used this password now my phone has lost my network coverage

  16. Anonymous

    TQ very much, it works.-from Malaysia

  17. Anonymous

    hi, i've got a samsung wave and whenever i click the internet icon, after 2 seconds it says internet blocked could you please tell me how to fix it!!!!!?????

  18. Anonymous

    i tried the given intructions but unfortunately my phone has hung up now!
    what shall I do?

  19. amith

    Dr friends, i have samsung wave 525, wen i plug into charge my set it starts automaticaly opens the file, calls can anybody help me to out pzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz its urgent

  20. 111

    i have sumsong 5253 and its off.could u say how can reset it?

  21. Anonymous


  22. Anonymous

    salve mio samsung wave lite 525..dopo essere andato nel menu>impostazioni>ripristina> ed inserisco il codice "2767 3855" mi dice password errata..come devo fare?

  23. Anonymous

    hi is there a way to reset my samsung wave GTS8500 without switching it on as it wont come on

  24. Anonymous

    worked well. thanks.

  25. Tiny

    phone is now fucked thanks

  26. Anonymous

    wooo. thanks bro.. ^_^

  27. Anonymous

    taxs its working

  28. ferry kw


  29. ferry kw


  30. ferry kw


  31. Anonymous

    Thanks it worked! It seemed to get suck on that message then I took the battery out after an hour and restarted my phone and it was fixed. I had really been struggling with the phone so thank a million.

  32. Anonymous

    my phone model samsung wave 757 then i on the mobule the usb sign automatik show & charging sing running the chrging but we have not connect the usb port, i am rest the mobile wuty problem not solve,pls help

  33. Anonymous


    I have forgot the SIM Lock password - Now it wont allow me to change SIM, Can any one Pls help on this. I mn will reset work in this scenario as well.

  34. Anonymous

    have just done the reset, it got stuck on the message "just a moment" etc, took the battery out after a while, put it back in and switched it on. Now it's stuck on the samsung welcome screen...any ideas where to go from here???

  35. Anonymous

    good job

  36. Anonymous

    thank you

  37. Jojo

    i tried to upgrade my bada OS recently thru Kies but failed, then my phone cannot power on. Any idea how to solve this?

  38. Anonymous

    it keeps restarting :| what can I do?

  39. Anonymous

    thanks phone is totally bolloxed now

  40. Anonymous

    my samsung wave s8500 it keeps restarting.. how do i fix it?..

  41. Anonymous

    hey ive just done the same thing twice and it still hasnt factory reset the phone what else can i do

  42. Anonymous

    TY so much! It worked! :)

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