Tuesday, 3 August 2010

N8 AMOLED vs Omnia HD AMOLED vs Milestone LCD

Have you heard about the N8? It's Nokia's 'next big thing'. It features a 3.5" screen, which Nokia claims uses 'second generation' AMOLED technology. Apparently, this 'second generation' AMOLED screen will provide better colours and outdoor performance. Does this new AMOLED screen live up to its (admittedly small) hype? How does it compare to standard AMOLED screens that have been on the market for over a year?

Today, at Nokia's N8 developer launch event, I was given the opportunity to see for myself how well the N8's screen holds up against the likes of the Omnia HD and Motorola Milestone.

The Motorola Milestone has a 3.7" 854x480 LCD screen, the Omnia HD has a 3.7" 640x360 AMOLED screen and the N8 has a 3.5" 640x360 AMOLED screen. All three phones have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

This is the image that is being displayed on each phone:

Though the video doesn't fully demonstrate it, I can say with confidence that the Samsung Omnia HD's screen is brighter than the N8's second generation screen when both are at full brightness settings. I don't know exactly why this is, but it's possible that Nokia added an extra layer to the N8's screen for improved outdoor performance, which will inevitably reduce the amount of light passing through the screen.

Brightness issues aside, the N8's screen is definitely satisfying and will be excellent for indoor media consumption.


  1. Anonymous

    Disgraceful. N8 screen is barely better than TFT

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