Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Nokia N8 Boots With Free RAM Aplenty

Everyone knows about the N97; it was a truly horrible device. Not only did it have a cringe-worthy resistive screen and a processor from back when your grandmother was still a child, it also had a pitiful amount of RAM for running applications in. The N8 changes everything. Again. (hehe)

Both the N8 and Omnia HD had just been rebooted. The N8 had one full page of widgets and two half-filled pages of widgets. Obviously this means that, if you're looking for maximum free RAM on your N8, removing homescreen widgets should give you a sizable boost.

Seeing that this PROTOTYPE N8 is able to boot with 132MB free RAM, even with well-utilised widget homescreens active, proves to me that Nokia and the Symbian Foundation have been working hard to ensure that Symbian^3 is highly optimised for day-to-day use. Symbian veterans will point out to you that, in the past, new iterations of Symbian have almost always used more RAM. For example, an N95 8GB running S60v3 has about 95MB of its 128MB RAM free upon boot. On the other hand, a 5800 running S60v5 has only about 50MB of its 128MB RAM available upon boot.

Many people around the Internet are asking if 256MB will really be enough for the N8 to function correctly. My answer to those people is yes... but 512MB wouldn't hurt, Nokia!


  1. Luqman Khalifa

    give this a look c, tell me wt u think?


  2. Mr. X

    Hi Luqman,

    Hmmm, I'm not too sure. The only time I've heard of Nokia selling phones prior to release was through an auction for the E90.

    Also, at times the video moves out of focus and then back into focus. As we all know, the N8 doesn't use any traditional focusing methods during video...

    I'd say it's fake, but I could of course be wrong.

  3. fahoum

    mr x my man
    check out this new ovi store :) in video

  4. Mr. X

    Hi Fahoum,

    Thanks for the link. I saw the new Ovi Store in use on Tuesday, but was unable to get a good recording of it :)

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