Saturday, 13 August 2011

Nokia Now Training Staff For Windows Phone 7 Launch

Since it was announced that Nokia would be switching to Windows Phone as its primary operating system, everybody has wanted to know when the first device would be available. "Before the end of the year" is the official timeframe that's always brought up, with some suggestions of Q3 being a possibility. Today, along with the news that Nokia has apparently ordered two million Windows Phone devices, comes a tweet from khotabychua showing what looks to be the first page of an official Nokia training document.

I'm sure some of you might be quick to shout "fake", but hear me out. The format is practically identical to this Nokia C6-00 training document (which you can view here - 11mb PDF warning):
Notice the use of terrible backgrounds and jagged edges on the phone image? That's because both of the manuals are made by Upknowledge, a Finnish company that specialises in providing technology training materials.

There are, however, some strange things about this cover. Firstly, the pictured device is a Nokia concept that was revealed soon after the February 11 announcement. Why use a concept device in an official training document? Unless the device exists... hmm? Secondly, the title is 'Windows Phone 7 OS Introduction', despite the fact that Nokia's first Windows Phone will be running Mango, which is Windows Phone 7.5. It's probably not a big deal.

Since it's reasonable to assume that this is real, the version date (5th of August) suggests that Nokia is now seriously gearing up for the release of its first WP7 phone. Availability at Nokia world in October is looking very, very likely.


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