Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Quick Look At Barclaycard's PayBand For Wireless Festival 2012

Barclaycard have always been at the front of NFC payment innovation within the UK; their latest (temporary - applications close tomorrow, June 20th) addition to their NFC product range, the PayBand, is now being delivered to customers. This NFC-enabled wristband will allow those attending the Wireless Festival to pay for goods with just a tap of the wrist, and saves you from having to carry easily-lost cash or a wallet. If you enable the auto top-up feature during set up, you'll also receive a free £5 bonus. I received mine today, so here are a few observations:

-The PayBand itself is very light.
-The payment area is quite large, so it probably won't be too comfortable wearing the payband with a watch.
-The NFC tag within the payband is Type B (ISO/IEC 1443).
-Unlike standard Barclaycard PayPass debit/credit cards, the PayTag does not have any of your personal data (e.g. your name) stored within it - as far as my Galaxy Nexus can tell.
-When you add money, you'll receive a convenient text message alert.
-Along with the PayBand, you'll also receive an 'exclusive festival guide' attached to a Barclaycard lanyard, and a Wireless Festival cloth bag. Pictures below.

I'll be trying out the PayBand at some local NFC-enabled shops, so stay tuned.


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